Lord's ZB-SHIELD is our EPA Registered zinc borate chemical with a composition
of 2ZnO.3B
2O3.3.5H2O.  ZB-SHIELD is a preservative that can be used in the
manufacture of wood and wood-plastic composites in order to control the growth of
white and brown rot decay fungi.  ZB-SHIELD also provides protection to wood
composite materials from damage caused by insects including subterranean
termites such as
Coptotermes formosanus (Formosan termites).

Lord's ZB-SHIELD is stable to 290 deg. C and will not be altered during normal
wood composite manufacturing processes. It is only slightly soluble in water at
room temperature and therefore is leach resistant.  It does not contain any organic
components and does not require the use of organic solvents.

                Chemical composition (theoretical)
Boric Oxide B2O3  
48.1 %
Zinc Oxide  ZnO
37.5 %
Crystal Water
14.5 %

                Physical  Properties
Molecular Weight
Physical Appearance
White, odorless powder
Median Particle size
Regular Grade
6  -  9 microns (FSSS)
Fine Grade
2  -  4  microns (FSSS)
stable up to 290 deg C
< 0.28% at room temp
Crystal density
2.79 gm/cc
Lord's Additives LLC